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Penny Smith-Ruby Executive/Distributor

Penny Smith-Ruby Executive/Distributor

This is a bit of my transformation story...
I was 44 years old, my blood pressure slowly creeping up, pre-diabetic, my "good" cholesterol was low and 7 years prior my thyroid had been removed where cancer was found. I was also ~90 pounds overweight. As if that wasn't enough, I had NO energy.
I spent the following years reseaching different ways to improve my health.
Trusting my sponsor Rose (she starting useing alkalete during cancer treatment herself), and having watched the Better Body Party videos, I decided to give it a try.
Day 2, down 8-9 pounds. Day 12, 12 pounds. Month 4... 32 pounds and MORE inches than weight!
Today? I am down a totaly of 60 pounds!! And I am the size I was when I was married, yet I weight 30 pounds more (Go figure!! Fat burned, muscle retained!!)
My husband, with elevated liver enzymes, lost 45 pounds in 3 months, and corrected his liver enzymes. But BONUS, his hands that where swollen and painful for some time, are pain free with alkalete! Incredible!
I share because people I love and care about are expereincing health transformations with this turn-key system, and they are sharing with THEIR friends and family... so many improved and transformed lives!!
My desire? Coach anyone willing to give this Yoli sytem a try! And I pray you experience the transformation YOU are destined for!!

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